CPAP SEAL Gel Liner 

 Real Polymer Gel: Not foam, rubber or Silicone - In a Free Form: Not wrapped or covered - A unique formula that is defined as

A Semi Liquid Gel, which means it is in a solid form yet with full liquid characteristics - The most pliable Gel with

an unparalleled molding and shock absorbing features that will seal the most challenging CPAP Mask leaks.

3D design with an extra padding to seal most vulnerable leaking points between any face and any mask.

Plus a mask side padding to lock inside the mask boundaries so it does not move during sleep.

Result: a custom made fit with an ultimate seal and unparalleled comfort.


                Why CPAPSeal Gel Liner is the ultimate cure for CPAP Leak?

1- Made of a unique formula of Semi Liquid Gel with an unparalleled molding features.

2-The ultimate seal at any pressure regardless facial features or mask type.  

3- Silent CPAP treatment. No more peeping sounds. No more CPAP leak.

4- A "Lock in" padding that prevents the Gel Liner from moving during sleep.

5- 3D design with an extra padding in "leak known" areas for ultimate sealing.

6- Gel has cooling properties, which keep its temperature 2 degrees below room temperature.

7- No more buying of multiple masks to find a fit.. It fits almost any mask on any face. 

8- Saves a lot of money in CPAP masks over lifetime.

9- Avoid mask allergy and  irritation. The mask will never touch your face again.

10- Avoid facial and head trauma from tight straps or mask pressure.  

11-No more eye soreness from a jet leak, or nasal bridge trauma from the  mask. 

12- Dual sealing power and dual comfort when used with CPAPSeal Mask Straps.

13- Makes  CPAP treatment  much more comfortable and CPAP  compliance much easier. 

14- Avoid tiredness that is caused by fragmented sleep due to noises of CPAP leak.

15- Avoid tiredness that is caused by dropping of the prescribed pressure due to leaks .

16- Even if no leak, the liner can help to loosen the straps and relieve mask pressure.

Watch a real apnea patient using a CPAP Seal Gel Liner, with a CPAP machine that is set at a pressure of 20 cm H2O.

Version 3 of the Gel Straps has the Gel Pads glued to the Straps for easier use.

Version 6 of Gel Liners is 200%  more Liquid, with better sizes, enhanced packaging, a hinged plastic box for storage and scent free.


How can CPAPSeal Gel Liner control CPAP Leak? 

1- A unique formula of Semi Liquid Polymer gel. Not all gels are created equal.:  Many so called gel products are actually rubber or foam, and if they are gel, they are actually Silicone gel. There is a huge difference between Silicone gel and our unique Polymer gel.

Our Polymer Gel is the softest most pliable material that you can ever touch.  It is defined to be a Semi Liquid material which means that the gel is in a solid form yet with full liquid characteristics. Our Polymer Gel is made of mineral oils. When the gel comes in direct contact with the skin it diffuses the mineral oils which conditions and nourishes the skin.

2- Unparalleled molding capability: This special formula of gel  has an unparalleled molding capability which enables the gel liner to fill any gap between the face and the mask by molding to any facial feature as well as to any mask, creating an excellent seal regardless facial features or mask type. This molding capability is way above any mask's silicon cushion.  

3- High shock absorbing capability: This gel has a very high shock absorbing capability which enables the gel liner to absorb the trauma effect of the "must have" tight straps and pressing mask on the face, thus protecting against the common nasal bridge trauma and facial marks of the mask and the straps.

4- 3D Design: The gel liner has a 3D design which means it has a different thickness and /or  extra padding in "leak known" areas, in order to ensure sealing of the most vulnerable leaking points between the  mask and the face.

This 3D design is mask type specific, so each mask type has different 3D design for its liner. (Full Face, Nasal, Hybrid, Total Face) to ensure the highest level of success in achieving the ultimate seal. 

5- "Lock in" padding that prevents the liner from moving during sleep:  Moving and sliding of any type of skin protector that is between the mask and face is a very common and frustrating problem. CPAPSeal Gel Liner is designed with a "lock in" mechanism that makes it almost impossible for the gel liner to slide from underneath the mask. 

Whether face side padding or mask side extra lip, this "lock in"  mechanism will make the gel liner relatively thicker inside the mask boundaries than outside, which makes it unreasonable for the gel liner to slide from underneath the mask. 

This "lock in" mechanism is also mask type specific in order to ensure the highest level of success in locking in the gel liner during sleep and preventing it from dislodging from underneath any mask type. 

6- Gel has cooling properties as well as heat dispersing :  This Gel keeps the same temperature as water temperature, which is usually 2 degrees below room temperature. This feature is due to the fact that the gel is almost liquid like. This cooling properties are really valuable when you have put the CPAP mask with its straps on the face. Gel can be even placed in the fridge before sleep for more cooling touch. This Gel also has a heat dispersing feature which means that the gel doesn't keep heat but rather disperse it, so it always keep your face feeling cool.

7- Free form gel- Not covered or packaged: Many products use gel but it is covered and packed in any other material (silicon, rubber, or plastic film) either because it is toxic, allergenic or for any other reason. When gel is covered by any material, its molding features will be limited by whatever material it is packed in. CPAPSeal Liner is made of a free form gel, that is not covered by any material because it is non- toxic and hypoallergenic, so you get the full molding capabilities of this gel which is the most molding material you can ever get. 

8- Hypoallergenic gel:This gel is latex free, silicon free, and hypoallergenic. The gel liner will be in contact with the face instead of the silicon cushion of the mask thus preventing the possibilities of any adverse reaction or allergy that might otherwise happen from the mask's silicon itself.

9- Ultimate softness:  The gel liner has an ultimate soft touch that is unmatched, which decreases skin irritation. yet the mineral oil in the gel liner moisturizes and soothes the skin.

10- Durability:This gel liner is very durable. There no need to be frequently changed  as it performs the same job night after night with the same quality. By following usage instructions, CPAPSeal Gel Liner will last 6 months.

11-Dual sealing system :When CPAPSeal Gel Liner is combined with CPAPSeal Straps, you get double the sealing power which will provide the ultimate seal against the most challenging CPAP pressure. CPAPSeal Straps exert pressure only in the needed direction (Right angle on the mask), thus saving your face from any unneeded and wasted pressure for the same sealing.  Or, utilizing the same pressure to achieve a better sealing. (see explanation under Video ("How the right Straps are crucial in controling CPAP Leak"). 

12- Dual comfort:  When CPAPSeal Gel Liner is combined with CPAPSeal Gel Straps, you get double the comfort.  There are 2 areas of pressure with CPAP treatment, face and back of the head. The CPAPSeal Gel  Straps have an extra gel padding on back of the head which will reduce the pressure exerted on the back of your head and absorb its impact,  thus both pressure areas face and back of head are protected.. (see explanation under Video " How Gel Straps literally reduces the pressure exerted on the back of the head which gives you more tolerance for more strap tightness if you need, and that gives you a better chance in controlling CPAP Leak"

Also, all types of CPAPSeal mask straps have 50% less skin contact thus eliminating sense of heat, suffocation and head trauma from wearing all night. CPAPSeal Mask Straps don't interfere with back sleepers and don't compromise mask stability.



The gel liner is placed between the mask and the face. It seals by molding to any gap and protects by absorbing mask pressure.



2 inches deep of the gel material

 a finger is easily immersed 

 showing the high molding feature.



CPAP Seal Gel Straps